Greyland Images | 1986–1988

These photographs arose in loose sequence in the years 1986-1988, a time in which the socio-political climate in the GDR was increasingly marked by lethargy. The abysmal information policy of the GDR government on the Chernobyl disaster as well as the ignorance of Gorbachev's reform efforts were symptomatic of the attitude of the state leadership to the people. Even a moderate change of circumstances was not in sight. The number of new applications to leave was 40-50 thousand a year. Only late did the opposition begin to form, the feeling of powerlessness was dominant.

The mostly dark, often narrow-framed city and landscape images were a personal reflection of this situation. They were shown in 1988 as part of the exhibition PROTOKOLL STRECKEN - Pictures from social life staged together with Jens Rötzsch at the Eigen + Art gallery in Leipzig and later also internationally. A replica of this project was to be seen at the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010 as part of the exhibition Die andere Leipziger Schule at Kunsthalle Erfurt.

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