NARVA taghell* | 1985

NARVA taghell - this was the slogan of the VEB NARVA Kombinat "Rosa Luxemburg" Berliner Glühlampenwerk (the official name), where I photographed in 1985 as part of a symposium organized by the Association of Visual Artists of the GDR. As with previous projects in the industrial sector, I was interested in the visualization of production processes, and I was particularly fascinated by the disappearance of the individual in this process.

The results of the symposium were promptly exhibited in the recently opened Berlin Fotogalerie am Helsingforser Platz (today Fotogalerie Friedrichshain). The NARVA representatives felt snubbed by my pictures. They had hoped for a different presentation of their "working class heroes".

*taghell – i.e. as bright as day

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